Q: What is the verdict concerning the use of perfumes during the day of fasting Ramadan?
  • A: It is allowed to wear perfume while fasting as one does not inhale the smokes if it is burned incense.
    Q: I try my level best to abide by time of Fajr, (dawn), during the month of Ramadan to declare fast. One day, I was eating and hearing the call of Fajr Prayer, I threw the bite from my mouth and declare fasting. Was my fasting valid or not?
  • A: Fasting was valid because the person did not continue to eat any more after realizing Fajr had been declared.
    Q: what is the ruling for eating or drinking forgetfully while fasting? If one sees a fasting person reaching for something to eat or drink during fasting hours, should he remind or not?
  • A: Eating or drinking forgetfully while fasting will not render fasting null. However, of one remembers that one is fasting, one must stop eating or drinking immediately. If the bite or drink is still in the month, it should be spited out immediately. The proof of the validity of the fast of such a person is indicated in the statement of Allah’s Prophet, peace be upon him, as reported by Muslim: "If one forgot and ate or drink while fasting, one should complete his fast. This food or drink that one takes forgetful is but a grant provided by Allah, the Almighty."
    Q: Is it permitted to observe fasting the six days of Shawal before makeup days which were missed of fasting Ramadan?
  • A: The person who still owes some days of Ramadan, must first complete the days to be made up, then offer the voluntary fast of the days of Shawal.
    Q: Will taking injections in either the muscle or the vein affect fasting?
  • A: Injections may be either for treatment or nourishment. If the shot is intended for nourishment and is a substitute of food, then it will render fasting null. As for shots that are meant for medical treatment only, they do not affect fasting at all, regardless of whether they are taken via muscle or vein.
    Q: Will Gargling with mouth wash render fasting null?
  • A: Gargling with mouth wash while fasting does not break the fast, provided that it is not swallowed. It is better, however, not to use mouth wash while fasting unless it is an extreme necessity. Gargling generally does not break the fast unless the fasting person swallows even a drop.
    Q: Are there social benefits to fasting?
  • A: Yes, indeed. Fasting has many social benefits, some which are the following:
    • The feeling of belonging to one single nation, Muslims during the month of Ramadan eat at the same time and stop eating at the same time (with consideration to longitudes and latitudes of various countries and cities).
    • The rich people feel and appreciate the Grace of Allah, the Almighty upon them. And feel sympathy for the poor, needy, widows and orphans in their society.
    • Fasting increases ties with the Lord, Allah, the Almighty, thus increasing the level of piety and goodness, fasting also strengthens ties amongst various members of the society, the rich and poor.
    Q: What is the type of travel that entitles the traveler to break fast?
  • A: Traveling for a good reason for a distance of more than 83 Kilometers entitles one to break fast. Some scholars do not set a fixed distance which entitles a traveler to break fast. It is distance of (3) Farshakh (roughly 5 moles), he shortened the prayers. Unlawful travel of all types do not entitle a traveler also does not entitle a traveler also does not entitle the traveler to use the permits offered by Islam. However, some scholars make no distinction between lawful and unlawful travels. Allah, the Almighty knows best.
    Q: Are there any conditions for the fasting of minors and is it true that their fasting reward is their parent’s?
  • A: It is allowed for the parents to train the minors to fast while less than ten year of age if they can fast. If they reach the age of puberty they must fast as adults do and if they can fast before puberty they should allocation from all nullifiers of fasting and they will get rewarded. The parents also get reward if minors fast.
    Q: I am a seventeen year old girl. During the last two years I did not make up the days I missed of Ramadan. What should I do?
  • A: You must begin the make up days which missed of the two months of Ramadan. You must start as soon as possible, even if you observe fasting on separate days. Along with making up thise missed daus, you must pay an atonement, I.e. you must feed a poor person for each and every day you missed. This is the opinion of majority of Muslim scholars who consider delaying the fast more than one year a matter then needs a atonement.
    Q: Some Muslim scholars criticize Muslims who observes fasting, but do not maintain the prescribed daily prayers. What is the relationship between fasting and prayer?
  • those who criticize you for fasting and not maintaining the daily prescribed prayers are right. Prayer is the main pillar of Islam. The person who purposefully neglects the daily prescribed prayers is declared a non-Muslim, denying the right of His Lord, Allah the Almighty. This person will not be entitled to the reward of fasting, charity, pilgrimage or anything else. This is based on the verse of the Holy Qur’an:

  • "And nothing prevents their contributions from being accepted from them excepted from them that they disbelieved in Allah and His Messenger (Mohammad, peace be upon him); and that they came not to As-Salat except in a lazy state, and that they offer not contributions but unwillingly." (9:54). Thus , if fasts, but does not maintain the prescribed daily prayers, he will render his fasting null. Such a person will not benefit from fasting.
    Q: I was treated with an intravenous injection during the fasting hours of the day of Ramadan. Was the fasting valid or do I have to make up that day later?
  • A: If the injection was nutrious, as opposed to treatment, then the fasting was invalid. If not, I.e. if it was a pain killing treatment or something that sort, then the fasting remained valid.
    Q: Does donating blood during the fasting hours render fasting null? And, is it permissible ?
  • A: Donating a generous amount of blood during the fasting hours of day renders fasting null. However, if the extracted amount of blood is insignificant, e.g. for blood testing purposes, it will not nullify the fast.
    Q: Is it permissible for the cooks to taste the food to insure its satisfactory taste while fasting?
  • A: Tasting the food by the tip of the tongue to ensure its satisfactory taste is permissible provided that the tasting person for only checking the level of salt, sweetness of else does not sallow any of the food.
    Q: If a menstruating woman become clean and fully pure of right after the call of Fajir. Should she declare fasting for that day?
  • A: If a woman became completely free from menstrual blood on or period to Fajir prayer call, it is all right for her to declare fsting that day, even if she does not take a full abulation (Ghusul) at that time.
    Source: Sheikh Mohammad Salih Al-Othaimeen and Sheikh Abdullah bim Abdul Rahman Al-Jibreen. FATAWA ON FASTING, ZAKAT &TRAWEEH. Dar-us-Salam, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.