Some Ghazwatu Tabuk events occurred Ramadan of 9th of Al-hijrah.
Propagation of Islam in Yaman Ramadan of 10th of Al-hijrah.
People of Thaqif entered Islam and destructed al lat, the idol they associated with Allah Ramadan of 8th of Al-hijrah
Al-Zlakiah war Occurred in the Friday morning 25th Ramadan 479 of al-hijrah Europeans were defeated by Muslims.
Ain-Jalot War Occurred in the Friday morning. 15th of Ramadan, 658 of Al-hijrah. Mongolian were defeated by Muslims.
Al-Andalus (Spain) gave into Muslim's powerOther events Occurred in 28th Ramadan, 92 of Alhijrah.
Khaled Ibn alwalid destructed the idol called al-uza Occurred in Ramadan of 8th of Alhijrah.